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Granite or Quartz

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Tereno 30mm
African Fusion
Angola Black
Angola Blue (Blue in the night)
Bianco superiore
Bloomstone Oro 20mm
Blue Pearl 30mm
Colonial White
Fantasy Brown
Forest Black
Golden Marinace
Jet Black Leathered 20mm
Jet Black Leathered 30mm
kalahari desert /Prada Gold 30mm
Kangaroo Quartzite 30mm
Kinawa Leathered 30mm
Nero Assoluto 20mm
Prada Gold 30mm polished
River White
Star Galaxy 30mm (Polished)
Superwhite Quartzite
Tereazzo Ceppo 30mm
Tereno 20mm
Thunder White 30mm
Verde Marinace
Parisien Bleu
Silestone Arden Blue 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Ariel 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Blanco Maple 14 20mm (Polished)
Silestone Blanco Norte 14 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Blanco Zeus 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Coral Clay 20mm (Honed)
Silestone Coral Clay 30mm (Honed)
Silestone Desert Silver 20mm (polished)
Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold
Silestone Ethereal Glow 20mm (Polished)
Silestone Ethereal Glow 20mm (Suede)
Silestone Lagoon 20mm (Polished)
Silestone Lagoon 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Miami White 20 polished
Silestone Night Tebas 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Seaport 20mm (Suede)
Silestone Stellar Grey 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Tigris Sand
Silestone White Storm 30mm (Polished)
Silestone Yukon 30mm (Polished)
Black Temple 20mm
Caesarstone Arabetto 30 mm
Caesarstone Bianco Drift 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Buttermilk 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Clamshell 30mm (Polised)
Caesarstone Concrete 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Frosty Carrina 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Jet Black 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone London Grey 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Mink 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Misty Carrera 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Nougat 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Organic White 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Piatra Grey 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Raven 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Shitake 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Snow 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Symphony Grey 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Turbine Grey 30mm (Polished)
Caesarstone Woodlands 30mm (Polished)
Moorland fog 20mm
Moorland fog 30mm
Unistone Ceppo 20mm (Polished)
Calacatta Oro Uniceramica 20mm
Misterio Gold Velluto 30mm
Unistone Cendre Velluto 20mm
Unistone Cendre Velluto 30mm
Unistone Nero Marquina 30mm (Polished)
Unistone Statuario 30mm (Polished)

Granite Worktops from Planet Granite

What do we do?

Hi, I am Steve, director and founder of Planet Granite. We are the original and only Planet Granite. We have been trading since 2002 most people are referred to us through a recommendation these days as we have completed literally thousands of jobs over the past years.

We have our own custom built showroom and factory based at Devitts Green Farm in the heart of Warwickshire, this is where our team specialise in the fabrication of granite, quartz, silestone and pretty much any type of stone kitchen worktops. We operate in Coventry and further afield across the Midlands and into Central London.

Planet Granite invest in the latesty waterjet technology. see article  Click here.

How are we different?

Planet Granite have been producing and installing granite worktops and quartz worktops since 2002 and during this time we have developed fantastic knowledge of the industry and a wonderful reputation with our customers. We custom built our own Factory in 2015 after outgrowing our original site at Devitts Green Farm and being the live-in director here means I am very hands-on and pride myself on being involved with every project we undertake and staying in touch with all the day-to-day tasks of the factory.

I'm proud that each team member here at Planet Granite is brilliant at the job they do. Combined with the investment we have made in the latest CNC technology and the addition of the latest waterjet machines and granite polishing machines, the fact we are the importers of all our own material means you deal directly only with us. This enables us to not only keep costs down, but as granite worktop specialists, we can design, create and install superior granite, marble quartz or silestone worktops.

Quality that doesn't cost the earth

So are we expensive? The answer is no and the simple reason why is because we are a small dedicated team of 15 people totally specialising in granite and quartz worktop manufacturing. We have moderatley low overheads, we own all our own specialist granite processing equipment and import all of our own material which basically means there is no queue of people taking their cut; we import it, we fabricate it and we install it.

Once you have selected your new kitchen, simply contact Planet Granite for a quote or visit our granite and quartz worktops showroom in Coventry and I will personally take care of everything from start to finish, just as we have done with hundreds of quartz worktops and granite worktops in Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Nuneaton, Stratford on Avon, Rugby, Birmingham and other surrounding areas over the last 10 years.

Offering Bespoke Quartz Worktops

Here at Planet Granite we offer a large range of bespoke quartz worktops including Silestone, Caeserstone, Crl Quartz, Samsung, Neolith Dekton and Unistone etc.

Made from one of the hardest minerals on the earth, quartz is a great alternative to granite; this man-made material consists of mainly ground quartz powder mixed with resin.

The resin helps ensure the material doesn't stain and is thermal and scratch resistant, meaning you never need to get your quartz worktop sealed. The material is offered in a variety of colours and some quartz designs contain a small amount of glass or metallic flecks which helps to achieve an eye catching kitchen countertop. With our variety of quartz designs you will be able to find the perfect countertop for your home.