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Silestone quartz installation in solihull

Below you can see the installation pictures of the alumino nube silestone quartz Worktops we manufactured on Monday. The hob section was 3300 mm long which is beyond the realms of one piece for silestone so we cleverly hid the joint in the centre of the hob. Some Silestone slabs are available in a Jumbo slab which measures 3250 x 1600, standard Silestone slabs measure 3000 x 1400. The huge island with its radiused corners looks stunning another great result for Planet Granite installing Quartz worktops in Solihull



About Steve
Hi, I’m Steve. I run Planet Granite from a custom-built farm in Warwickshire, where I live with my family. The team and I are really passionate about crafting and installing granite and quartz worktops, as you’ll see from my blog. You’ll find before and after photos and examples of different designs and stone to inspire you. Happy reading!