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Myths Associated With Granite Worktops

I would like to address a few common myths associated with granite worktops. We have so many customers who visit us here at the farm who have been miss led after having had a conversation with some confused salesperson where they have been warned, quite incorrectly, about granite worktops. Here are some of the most common myths we hear regarding granite worktops:

If you expose granite to high temperatures it can chip or crack

We have granite worktops here at the farm. We chop on them and we put red-hot pans straight from the Aga on to them and our worktops are perfect. All granites are different and all have different properties. With general use, heat will not cause any damage to a granite worktop.

Granite Worktops Scratch Easily

Granite worktops are scratch resistant and will not scratch under normal use however all granites have different properties. Generally, the dark granites are pretty much non-porous and certainly won’t scratch with a kitchen knife. The lighter a material is, the more porous it is. This does not mean it isn’t suitable for a granite kitchen worktop; you just need to be aware of this before you choose your material.

The best materials for working on a granite worktop, by that I mean working on it, cutting on it, making your dinner on it, red hot dishes placed on it, would have to be Nero Assoluto, Star Galaxy, Baltic Brown, Emerald Pearl Nero Impala etc. If you really want a light colour you can use a sealer such as lythofin stain stop or similar or the other option is a Quartz worktop which is made for this purpose and is non-porous. Remember there is a big difference between marble and granite.

Granite Worktops Will Stain Easily

Granite worktops are probably one of the most durable and hardest to stain. Most stains should be removable from the worktop; even oil stain can be removed on occasion. Again, lighter coloured granite worktops are more liable to staining than darker worktops so do take care, specifically with red wine and acidic and alkaline liquids.

Granite Worktops Require a Lot of Maintenance

As mentioned above, granite worktops are not easily damaged and don’t stain easily either. This means they require little maintenance, a routine clean with mild soap and water should be enough to keep it in good condition.

Granite and Marble Worktops Are the Same

Granite and Marble are very different. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals and is commonly used for sculptures and as a building material. Marble certainly is porous and, therefore, is probably not very practical for worktops.

Granite is a type of igneous rock, it is tough and durable and is, therefore, an ideal material for worktops. Granite is much less porous than marble and dark granite is non-porous.

Ask Steve about bulletproof granite worktops.

Granite Worktops Are Expensive

Granite worktops are very competitively priced compared to other high-quality surfaces. Granite is very durable and will last a long time, making it great value for money. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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Hi, I’m Steve. I run Planet Granite from a custom-built farm in Warwickshire, where I live with my family. The team and I are really passionate about crafting and installing granite and quartz worktops, as you’ll see from my blog. You’ll find before and after photos and examples of different designs and stone to inspire you. Happy reading!