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Natural Stone Selection

Many of our customers are looking for something a little different, something special to set their new kitchen apart and for this we have a fantastic solution

Natural Stone Direct From Italy

Over the past 20 years I have made countless trips to Verona Italy where we have selected materials from the many companies based there providing natural stone Granite, Marble, Quartzite etc. We have made lifelong connections with our suppliers there many of whom are great friends.

Monthly visits enable us to choose and show our clients via FaceTime or sending of videos the perfect slabs for their projects. The vastness of ranges of stone is by far way beyond what is available here from UK based wholesalers . The exotic collections of natural stone are cut and processed in Verona at our suppliers and are displayed for our selection on your behalf.

If you are looking for a particular material and finding it difficult to locate it then we can definitely help. Most clients find the selection of natural stone available in Italy from places like ‘Antolini’ that we visit absolutely mind blowing.

A major bonus of us selecting the materials for your project or kitchen worktops is that with us being the buyer and the fabricator of your material we will always ensure first hand the quality of the stone we select.

About Steve
Hi, I’m Steve. I run Planet Granite from a custom-built farm in Warwickshire, where I live with my family. The team and I are really passionate about crafting and installing granite and quartz worktops, as you’ll see from my blog. You’ll find before and after photos and examples of different designs and stone to inspire you. Happy reading!