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Planet Granite is a Silestone Approved Fabricator.

Planet Granite is proud to announce that we are officially a Silestone Silver Approved Fabricator. We have both the knowledge and experience to work with high-quality Silestone products and truly believe that it is one of the best quartz based materials.

Silestone is a top quality product which is backed up by its 10 year warranty making the product a real investment for your home.

Here at Planet Granite we have seen an increase in the popularity of the Silestone brand and now offer the stone in over 60 different colours and textures suitable for any home.

All of our Silestone products contain antibacterial protection as well as having a high resistance to stains and low absorption of liquids.

With our expert knowledge, we are able to tailor Silestone to our customers needs and help you pick the best worktop for your home.

About Steve
Hi, I’m Steve. I run Planet Granite from a custom-built farm in Warwickshire, where I live with my family. The team and I are really passionate about crafting and installing granite and quartz worktops, as you’ll see from my blog. You’ll find before and after photos and examples of different designs and stone to inspire you. Happy reading!